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Creative Director

Micah Heiselt

Experience Lead

Angira Chokshi

Senior Designer

Soong Sup Shin

Junior Experience Designer

Jason Volinsky

A dating app with a spin - an interactive experience for daters & non-daters alike for The Setup.

When the team at Setup wanted to change the way people approach dating by making it an interactive experience for everyone (daters and matchers), we created an easy-to-use application that focuses on the dramatic entertainment aspect of dating.


The end result saw an application that offered daters and matchers an interactive experience that allowed users to:


  • Set up compatible daters, as matchers;

  • Follow your favorite ‘Setup’ couples, as daters or matchers;

  • Become the latest “IT” couple, as daters;


We re-shaped the current “swipe left”/“swipe right” mentality, by allowing users to actually swipe couples towards the middle, bringing them together. We made the dating experience fun again (coupled with in-app playful animations and colorful design) encouraging people to go out without fear.

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