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UX Director

Angira Chokshi

UX/UI Designer

Jessica Read

+ a talented team of researchers, strategist, project management and dev

Validate the client’s Proof of Concept to onboard customers to their app and for them to make payments on retailer online and mobile channels. 

The client came to us with a proof of concept and wanted us to validate the payment capability within the e-commerce setup (merchants desktop site to 1CARD app) and app2app payments (merchant’s website/mobile app to 1CARD app).


1CARD is a Fintech startup with an innovative offering that goes beyond merely payments. It leverages Open Banking along with a very interesting concept to offer a better value-add than the incumbents, to both customers and merchants. 


There were 3 main journeys to focus on.


  1. The main setup journey - Customer knows the 1CARD app and has the app downloaded. They’re looking to sign up.

  2. The e-commerce journey - From desktop e-commerce to app. Customer wishes to buy something from an online store. They already have a 1CARD account.

  3. App2app journey - Pay via mobile - They already have a 1CARD account.


We very neatly grouped these journeys and conducted a UX review of pros and cons of the PoC. We had multiple conversations with the business owners to understand the technology behind it.


  • Understanding the technology - The team had to spend some time in understanding how the tech works in the backend since this is a very new integration. We read through various documentations like Reflow and Flutter for speed and to reduce costs.

  • Remembering its a PoC and not MVP - It's very easy to start thinking in terms of features and what can be done to improve the product. While we made recommendations to simplify the flow we were conscious not to get carried away and add/remove things that weren't necessary for this phase.

Understanding the user journeys and technology behind the application.


Based on the review we aimed at simplifying these journeys to make them as simple and straightforward for the users. The goal was to onboard them quickly and while checking out to make the 1Card integration work as seamlessly as it can on their devices.

While I cannot include the journeys here due to confidentiality reasons, happy to have a chat about them!


We simplified these journeys to ensure that the launch identity has credibility and can be applied to the MVP and beyond.

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