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Creative Director

Micah Heiselt

Experience Lead

Angira Chokshi


Jinie Choi

Junior UX Designer

Jason Volinsky

Developing an updated meditation experience for Inscape Studio.

Inscape is a luxurious Manhattan yoga studio, but the former app did not convey the same luxurious feeling in the digital universe. Additionally, the former app was not able to seamlessly transition customers from the the digital to the physical, and was not working as a way of customer acquisition.


Considering there was already an app, with an existing user base - our process had to be different. 


We had to analyze the existing app, and the way customers interacted with it to see where the gaps were. We looked at number of subscriptions, conversion rates, how many people did the free sessions vs the paid ones and which sessions they interacted with the most, amongst others.


Additionally, we conducted stakeholder interviews and guerrilla usability testing based on scripts we created to establish the next steps.

Laying down what 'Inscaping' means.

Explorations around users who are following a series vs doing freeform sessions.


  • Digital does not match the luxurious physical space - Modernize the existing app to reflect the current vibe of the physical studio for a continuous experience.

  • A new experience could scare away old users - Managing the content so as to not disrupt the current users' data as well as establishing a seamless transition to the new version.

  • Digital experience not capturing a new user base - Creating an experience and visual style that enticed a new audience and stood apart from the existing competition

  • Digital experience is not driving users into physical studio - Introduce a new way to induct users onboard that replaced the traditional "tour" experience.

Explorations for a innovative ways to onboard users


I worked on the app map after which I sketched out and created wireframes for all the screens. After that I started building out the functional points needed to test the analytics in google analytics.


We wrote the script for user testing and prepared the prototypes. We went out and tested the onboarding with people randomly on the street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and we also conducted user tests online and analyzed the data  for any updates that were needed for final touches.


The result is an app that offers new tools to enhance your practice, an expanded content library, and smart recommendations that change your experience based on the time of day.

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