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Creative Director

Micah Heiselt

Experience Lead

Angira Chokshi

Senior Designer

Lia Fernandez

Helping Sangreal Foundation highlight their philanthropic efforts to inspire others. 

Creating a vision for the founders of Sangreal Foundation to rebuild their website highlighting their achievements in a clear but subtle manner, with the hope to inspire others in the field to follow suit.


We conducted key stakeholder meetings, outlining the necessary needs for a final experience that would deliver on their needs and objectives. We quickly learnt that we needed a mobile first experience that filled today’s larger smart phone screens with easy navigation and rich imagery, while keeping a level of coding simple enough that gave non-technical staff members streamlined functions to update content and promote new initiatives.

Working on the various aspects of the website


  • Need to find the right balance to showcase philanthropic efforts - Sangreal Foundation has undertaken great philanthropic efforts and achievements. The wished to highlight the impact of the efforts, with a certain amount of subtlety, in line with their vision.

  • Various levels of information to be displayed simply - Navigation style was extremely challenging. There were multiple layers of navigation within a category and we wanted to make sure none of it would get lost.

  • Capturing the right imagery to tell a story - There is a strong and sincere message that we were trying to portray and it was important to pick the right images and videos to convey the tone of the founders.

Honing into the two main initiatives - conservation and education and how to display it, navigation styles and mobile experience.


Working closely with the Sangreal team, we accentuated the hard hitting truth through strong visuals and direct copy. The seamless transitions from one section to another throughout the website also goes hand in hand with Sangreal’s cyclic approach to philanthropy, allowing the user to understand, reflect, and act.


We sketched various versions of all the features once we had narrowed in on the flows. Wireframes for all screens were created for the iPhone resolution and functionalities that needed specifications were created for Android, iPad and Web.


We combined this creative vision with a technical platform that is reliable and performant, meeting the latest web standards while remaining visually powerful and interactive.

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