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Experience Lead

Angira Chokshi

Art Director

Stephanie Miller


Soong Sup Shin


Lia Fernandez

Enhancing the digital presence of the Siggi's brand in the yogurt industry.

An award-winning website that provides consumers with an interactive experience and tells a compelling story of Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt and how it is different from other yogurts out there.


Our approach was to study the yogurt market landscape to understand what each of the competitors owned in the yogurt space.


We wanted to give the website a voice that stood apart for the right reasons and not just for being different. We wanted the user to understand the uniqueness of Siggi’s by showcasing how Siggi's came to being, and tell a story about its uniqueness from different angles.

Understanding competition

Explorations for the homepage


  • Siggi’s story while being unique is not being portrayed - Siggi started making yogurt in his kitchen and thats how Siggi's Dairy was born. Our challenge was to portray the story educating users on who Siggi is and how Icelandic "skyr" is different from the other yogurt in the market.

  • Users are unable to find the product - Allowing users to find different Siggi's products in an easier manner by using a location finder.

  • Does the app/website talk to the image of the brand - We weren't only redesigning we were recreating the brand voice and image and had to align with the company's and Siggi's vision and perception.​

Explorations around navigation styles and timelines


After an extensive study of the competition, we categorized the website into different buckets. Its homepage spoke to the brand, while its "to-be-wowed" elements (such as , video to showcase the process of making Siggi's skyr, etc) addressed how Siggi’s was different. The location finder assisted users in finding the product easily. I sketched and wireframed all screens to tell the story we desired, while the visual design team gave these screens life.


A completely redesigned, fully responsive interactive website that showcases what Siggi’s yogurt is and the process of making it. We also integrated product search and location SKU availability for easily knowing about and purchasing products.

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