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Experience Leads

Yoann Chalet

Angira Chokshi

Reinventing "Wall Street investing" for the millennial generation with Stash Invest.

74% of millennials don't invest. The idea of Investments traditionally were associated with high profile jargon, the need for a lot of money, and/or confusing words like ETF's and Vanguard, that most people did not understand. 


We assisted Stash in breaking those notions and invented something that changed the way American millennials looked at investments.


Our first step was to have a collaborative discussion with the client and just "talk through things" - their research, questions they had, questions we had, quick ideation sketches and collaborating with the engineering team to discuss repercussions of these crazy ideas! 

Quick thoughts and discussions

Our Approach

Categorization of the project experience


  • Investing appears to be difficult - We needed to understand what challenges our audience faced when it came to investing. Through personas and stakeholder interviews we understood that customers thought investing is difficult.

  • You need a lot of money to invest, but do you? - We needed to break the preconceived notion that you need a lot to invest. Our motto was "You can invest as little as $5!"

  • Investing is not for everyone - Investing is usually daunting and scary for the financially challenged - which is most of us! We put most of our efforts in designing an interface that was easy to understand and navigate.

  • Ok, so where do we invest - The main thing customers  are confused about is what to invest in? Through a lot of ideation we decided that it would be most interesting for people to invest in what they believe in, what they like and what they want.

Sketches of card explorations for what users can invest in.


We started tackling different areas such as navigation, linking bank account, picking investments etc and built out the app map and wireframes for each page, preparing them for the prototypes needed for user testing, which was the next step.


We created scripts to send out for online testing while creating prototypes for various actions we wanted users to take. By breaking up the tasks we wanted them to focus on certain tasks and get feedback accordingly. 


We created a strategy that turned Stash into the flourishing business it is today. It changed the mindset of thousands of millennials on investing and led to Stash exploring other areas such as retirement and banking.

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